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You may register at the store, fax or call in your registration. Mail-in registrations will be taken by postmark date. Be sure to list your name, phone number, class choice(s) including time, date of class, and send us a check or your Visa or Master Card number and expiration date. 3-digit code on the back of the card, as well as the address your statement is sent to. You may call 338-4339, fax to 685-0596 or register in person at 2807 Oak Street. Gift Certificates must be presented at time of registering or mailed in with registration. Cancellations must be made in person at the store or via phone ONLY. Please do not email, fax or leave voicemail for cancellations as they will not be accepted. Cancellations must be received seven days prior to class date. You are always welcome to send someone in your place.

Not our favorite part, but we feel you should know the policies regarding cancellations. We understand that life happens, and you may find yourself in a pickle and need to cancel, so here’s the deal: We do not issue refunds for cancellations, but if you are nice and follow the rules, we will offer store credit.

The rules: No cancellations on “guest chefs”…..if you cannot attend, send a substitute. General Class cancellation: 7 working days prior to the class. Please, no exceptions. You are always welcome to send someone in your place and if you are unable to do so, class recipes and menus will be made available for you.

Classes begin at the designated hour. Your promptness will be appreciated by the
instructors and your fellow students. We strive to be on time at the beginning of
each class, so we can end our classes on time for baby-sitters and other commitments.


December 3 Modern Indian Cuisine with Raghavan Iyer
Brilliant Indian food is not about difficult techniques, hard-to-find ingredients, complex spice blends, or excessive prep time. Its all the spice, the dazzle, and the deep, satisfying flavors of Indian cuisine in this class that features recipes with ten ingredients or less, all grocery store staples! Join Raghavan Iyer, CCP, an Emmy winner, a multiple james Beard Award finalist, and an IACP Award of Excellence for Cooking School Teacher of the Year in this class that features the following menu.. His voice is clear and encouraging, his directions faultless, and his recipes authentic yet completely accessible. Learn from the best in this class :
Minty potato cakes with a tamarind-date sauce
Almond pepper soup
Cardamom fennel scallops
Truck stop beans
Corn bread with mustard greens
Not-so-cool cucumbers
Cranberry mango compote with premium vanilla ice cream
Time: 6-9 PM
Cost: $95.00
  4 Holiday Baking , Cooking, and Entertaining with Ankarscrum
Ashley McCord of Atlanta whirls sausages, and grinds flours, mixes up sauces and creams grits for a multitude of culinary delights with this grand mixer! Start off with fresh citrus juice and Champagne for Mimosas, sample apple butter served with Brie and bread sticks.....all made in this versatile appliance! From her Southern roots she prepares homemade Corn Grits and serves them with Keiths award winning seafood Sausage..all made in the Ankarsrum. End with Shortbread Cookies made of fresh ground oats and “nut meats” all using the attachments of this tried and true Mixer. A winning cooking endeavor to
Time: $45.00
Cost: 6 - 8:30 pm
  7 “Olio Nuovo 2015“ with Chef Cathy Whims of Nostrana Restaurant !

Our fresh pressed Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils will have just arrived air express from Italy in time for an amazing class with Chef Whims of Nostrana Restaurant ("Oven & Shaker" and “Hamlet” also) in Portland. Cathy is a master of regional Italian cuisine, and will feature this extraordinary new oils in every course, menu:
Scallop Crudo with Satsumas, Cara Cara Oranges, Fresh Fennel and Olio Nuovo
La Paniscia Novarras Bean and Vegetable Soup
Risotto alla Paniscia “a merger of Lusty dishes” Risotto cooked with Red Wine, and a generously endowed Minestrone, the mighty Vegetable Soup of Novarra –(Marcella Hazan)
Cornmeal and EV Olive Oil Upside-Down Cake with Caramelized Pears and Thyme

Time: 6-9 PM
Cost: $85.00
  9 Say Cheese, Please ! with Chef/Author Laura Werlin
When it comes to cheese, there are two classics: Grilled Cheese and Mac & Cheese. Author and cheese expert Laura Werlin has written two books on grilled cheese, and one on mac & cheese. Both classics will get top billing as Laura featurse four creamy, gooey, utterly irresistible mac & cheese and grilled cheese recipes from her books along with the perfect wines to go with them. But that’s not all. Laura will select special cheeses to feature in the cooked dishes for everyone to taste in their pre-cooked form. And last but not least, those cheeses will be paired with the wines, posing the question, which is the better complement to the wine? The cheeses on their own or as they taste in the finished recipes? Or are they good no matter what? Come decide at this fun and decidedly cheesy class. A word to the wise: this is the one time to defy your parents’ advice and skip breakfast and lunch!

Time: 6-9 PM
Cost: $85.00
  10 Cheese & Chocolate – The Worlds two best foods on One Plate, One Palate
Cheese and chocolate may or may not sound like an intuitive pairing, but together, the right pairings can be transcendent. Not only that, both American artisan cheese and so called bean-to-bar (from the source) chocolate-making in America are unprecedented in their popularity. Get the basics on American chocolates and cheeses with James Beard award-winning author Laura Werlin and taste these two swoonworthy foods side-by-side in a variety of combinations. How well do they pair? Hint: extremely well. But that’s for you to judge. Besides, even if you don’t like the pairings, you can be sure you’ll love both the chocolates and cheeses on their own. Can you say “slam dunk?” Oh, and yes – there’ll be a little vino to sip alongside. Maybe even a craft beer too. Surprises await !

Time: 6-9 PM
Cost: $85.00
  19 Shun Knife Demo with Marty Nakayama
Martys visits to our kitchen are full of knife techniques, new designs and enjoyed by all who attend. Slice bread, dice apples and chop onions and see why this knife line is considered superior! And, they are beautifully made, too.
Marty has a following and when you meet this expert you will see why!

Time: 11 am - 2 pm
Cost: N/C

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